How To Make Fact Post For Instagram Tutorial 2021

How To Make Fact Post For Instagram 2021

Welcome to our How To Make Fact Post For Instagram 2021 post in this post we will learn to make fact post for Instagram tutorial. For creating a fact post for Instagram we will use the most famous and used pixellab app. So read the complete article and watch full video about making fact post for Instagram tutorials.

What is PixelLab used for?
Pixelled Application is an android application that is simple and easy to use. Basically, pixallab is a photo editor application. You can edit any photo you want in Pixlab. But today I am going to tell you how you can create a fact page post/memes page post on Pixlab.

Pixel is the best application to create posts for Instagram Fact Pages. first create a template for your fact page in pixallab, after you can use the same template to create every post. With Pixallab you can create your own custom template. you can also put a border on the post if you want and also write your page name on the post.

The most important thing for an Instagram post is the size of the post. Whatever size you have created once, you should make posts of the same size even further, so that your page looks professional. By the way, there are many sizes to make an Instagram post. But the best among them is 4:5(1080*1350) which I suggest to everyone.

 Steps to create fact post for Instagram:

.1. Create post Border : 

2.Create Fade Black Or white Bottom:

3.Select your Image from Gallary:

4. Write Text and Adjust It:

Download template: If you do not know how to make a good template or if you do not want to make it now, then we are giving free templates for you. you can use it freely without any watermark on these templates. If you want your own special template then you contact us. we are giving free service to our first 200 readers.

Instagram Fact Post Templates Download

There are many fact post templates that are used in Instagram but some are most used and many users use them. So we are providing you some of the most used fact post Instagram templates download from the below link.

File Name: Instagram Gk Fact Post templates download File Size: 90 Kb

In conclusion of  How To Make Fact Post For Instagram Tutorial
That's it in this post hope you learned to make fact post for Instagram also download few useful templates and start making fact post in Instagram tutorial.

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