How To Transfer Files Mobile To Computer Without USB Cable

How To Transfer Files Mobile To Computer Without USB Cable

So guys, welcome back to one of our new posts. There are many times when we want to transfer the file from our phone to our laptop. 

Transfer Files Mobile To Computer Without USB Cable

Today's technology is quite advanced as we know that earlier the phone's file was transferred to the laptop with the help of Datacabale or using Bluetooth, but It was very difficult to transfer a large file by using Bluetooth it takes a lot of time. but now, Both these methods have become quite old, if you want to transfer the mobile file to computer then we have a completely new way. This is a way in which you do not need any cables or Bluetooth. So let's know about this method.

    This method is very simple and easy and it is also very advanced. In this method, you just have to download an application from the Play Store. This application is only 5 MB and it is very easy to use. This application is available absolutely free on the Play Store which means that you do not have to spend any money on this. In this method, you have to connect both devices with the same network to transfer files. so follow the steps given below.

1. First of all you have to download this application from the link given below and install it.

2. After opening the application, you have to go to its sidebar and from there you have to click on the connect to computer option.

3. Make sure your phone is connected to WiFi before clicking on the connect computer option.

4. After that you have to click on the Start button which is given below.

5. After that you have to select the connection type( i suggest - select portable. it is easy to use )

6. After that, you have to select the storage option sd card/ internal storage.

7. Now you will get an FTP URL to copy that URL.

8. Paste that URL into your file.

9. Now select the one that you want to copy. 

File Name: ShareMe File Size: 26Mb

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