How to show touches on android 2021

How To Show Touches On Android  2021 /  Android Tips And Tricks

Are you a YouTuber? Do you also make YouTube videos from your phone? If you are a YouTuber and you also make YouTube videos from your phone, then this post is very special for you. Whenever you are recording your phone screen, you want that there should be some indication wherever you touch. In this post, I will talk about such a thing, how you can get your phone to show touches. When your phone shows the touches, then your viewer gets a lot of help in understanding the video.

show touches on android 2021


There are basically two ways to show touches in the phone, First one is going to the developer option in setting and enable touches option. The second one is to download 2 MBs of the application which is given below. The use of touches through the Developer option is quite difficult all the time therefore we come with a simple application. After installing this application, you can enable and disable the touches through a button.

show touches on android

Feature of this app: 

1. Very little storage (2 MB)

2. touches Enable button

3. touches Disable button

4. You can use it without the internet


File Name: ShowTouchesEnable File Size: 3 Mb