What is Globalization Partners and How it works?

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Globalization Partners and How it works
Globalization Partners and How it works?

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What is Globalization Partners?

Build your global remote team. Anywhere in the world. The easy way. Now you can grow a global workforce within hours – without setting up branch offices in new countries. Hire team members with our AI-driven Global Employment Platform™. No subsidiary, no problem.

Globalization Partners breaks down barriers to global business by making it easy to onboard and manage employees internationally.

Globalization Partners will provide you with a variety of services to help you expand your business globally. The first is an employee-on-boarding program. You can choose from a variety of employee benefits packages. For those who are interested in hiring internationally, you can opt for Globalization Partners’ comprehensive service, which will ensure you find the right employee. The company will also ensure that you use country-specific hiring packages and offer templates. The company’s legal team will help you with compliance and legal issues and will help you get the best deal from the best employees.

Globalization Partners Core Team

Following is Information about Current Team Members-

  • Nicole Sahin - Founder & Executive Chair
  • Bob Cahill - Chief Executive Officer
  • Simone Nardi - Chief Financial Officer
  • Melissa Cooper - Chief Operating Officer
  • Nat (Rajesh) Natarajan - Chief Product and Strategy Officer
  • Richa Gupta - Chief Human Resource Officer
  • Heidi Arkinstall - Chief Marketing Officer

And more.

Globalization Partners Services

With services available in 187 countries, Globalization Partners is optimal for businesses with plans to expand operations across various global markets. It has a contractor package (monthly fees start at $49 per worker) if you need to hire and pay global contractors, as well as global recruiting and EoR services that are custom priced. Real-world users also unanimously praise its customer support.

  • G-P Contractor: Starts at $49 per contractor monthly: includes tools for hiring, managing, and paying international contractors
  • G-P Recruit: Custom-priced; this solution grants you access to recruiting specialists to help you find qualified candidates in key locations globally
  • Global employment platform: Custom-priced; includes full access to its Global Employment Platform to help you manage HR and payroll processes
  • Customer support: Globalization Partners has a responsive support team and provides its clients with 24/7 access to in-country and global HR experts

What is a Global Employer of Record?

A global EOR is an outsourced back-office administrator for companies with international employees. In short, Employers of Record place their clients’ international staff on their own global EOR payroll. In doing so, the business no longer needs to undertake the long, complex, and financially onerous task of setting up a subsidiary within their international employees’ countries, instead using the infrastructure and established payroll resources of their Employer of Record partner.

You can find more information in article  - Globalization Partners Reviews

Features of EOR Software

  • Local compliance and tax support
  • Payroll processing in 187 countries
  • PEO and EoR services are available
  • Excellent customer support
  • Easy to use
  • Setup help
  • The dedicated team of local experts
  • Training articles
  • Easy-to-use website
  • 24/7 year-round customer support
  • In-country specialists Experts

And many more.

Globalization vs Alternatives

FeaturesClosest competitors Globalization Partners
comprehensive solution
Available in 187 countries No Yes- The world is at your fingertips
Worldwide entity infrastructure built and staffed in-house by world-class legal, HR, and tax experts No Yes- Ensure compliance by using one vetted partner
Transparent pricing and consolidated invoicesInconsistent YesKnow what to expect every month
Regional and in-country experts are available 24/7Inconsistent Yes -Streamlined communication with our local, in-house HR experts, held to 97% customer satisfaction rating
Help Center for you and your global team No Yes- Get your questions answered with fast response times
End-to-end technology platformInconsistent Yes- One simple, secure login, globally accessible via desktop or mobile
Automated employment contracts No Yes- Digitized options to make issuing offers to valuable candidates quick, compliant, and easy
Easy time and expense management via a mobile appInconsistent Yes- Seamless experience for global employees
Employee data is protected with a GDPR-compliant solutionInconsistent Yes- No more storing data in email and spreadsheets
Add headcount anywhere in just a few clicks No Yes- Take control of your growth timeline and scale faster
Maintain legal ownership of intellectual propertyInconsistent Yes, Keep one of your company’s critical assets under your control with a product built by a world-class legal team
Preferred partner of major payroll providers No Yes -The most trusted brand in the industry
Vetted and endorsed by world-class employment lawyers and analyst firms No Yes- Market leader operating globally since 2012, built to scale with you
Proven financial stability No Yes- a $150M minority investment in January 2020 ensures a strong cash position and provides assurance your team is secure
Leading remote teamsYesGlobalization partners are best at leading remote teams
Globalization Partners Review

Source: Official website - https://www.globalization-partners.com/


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