Top 3 Farming Games in Metaverse 2022 | 3 Best NFT Farming Games 2022

Metaverse Farming Games and Farming Games NFT will soon become popular among gaming industries. With the increase in crypto tokens, there is also interest in Farming games in the metaverse. In this article, I will share the Best Metaverse farming game in 2022. Playing these virtual games can earn crypto, NFTs, and real money.

farming games in metaverse farm nft
Farming Games in Metaverse Farm NFT

There are free games platforms available to play-to-earn games on the market but what are the best metaverse farming games?

What are metaverse farming games?

Metaverse farming games are similar to regular farming simulator games but created for the metaverse virtual universe.  They’re focused on harvesting crops, raising cattle, expanding farms, and upgrading tools.

The only notable differences are metaverse farming games operate on a blockchain, you might have to purchase NFTs to get started and they use a play-to-earn format – meaning you’ll be earning money from your NFT assets.


1. Cropbytes

Cropbytes is a crypto farm game that started in April 2018. It is similar to regular stimulated games but in Metaverse where users own assets, grow crops, and sell them in exchange for cryptocurrencies such as TRX or CBX.

When you sign up for this game, you will receive a starter pack of assets to use in farming for a 7-day trial period. Once the trial period ends, the farmer must purchase assets to continue farming. As farming continues, farmers can sell produce, milk, and other items in exchange for real cash or cryptocurrency.

Is CropBytes free to play?

Yes, Cropbytes is free to play, but you will be paid if you play this metaverse farming game. Virtual farmers and players are compensated in TRX and $CBX farm.

How do you make money on CropBytes?

To earn money in the Crypto farming NFT game, simply convert your extracts into CBX tokens or sell crops, and animals, collect utilities and begin your own farming by acquiring assets.

2. Farmpoly

Farmpoly is another farming game in the metaverse world in this the player (Farmer) earns Farmpoly tokens by constructing a farm, feeding animals, and growing crops.

The game has its future plans but the goal of this game is to attract users by marketing it as a play-to-earn game. Farmpoly’s future plans include investing in gold, real estate, and bitcoin mining.

Farmpoly Token

It is created on the BNB smart chain (BEP20), with the ticker code $POLY and a current price of $0.011, and a fully diluted market cap of $571,651.82.

3. Farmer World NFT

Farmers World is the most popular Crypto Farm NFT game running on a WAX blockchain platform. The best of this game they tried to include real-life farming experiences. In this game, players can use various farming tools, cultivate the land, and buy and sell land for the purpose of constructing farms.

Farmer’s World is a play-to-earn game meaning users can earn crypto, however, the game is not free to play.

To get started, players need to purchase a tool from the marketplace.

How to earn in Farmers World

To earn Farmer Tokens you need to farm as we do in the real world like cultivating crops, raising animals, and mining gold. Your earned items can be sold on the marketplace in exchange for Wax tokens, or they can be used as a means of exchange, such as giving crops to another user in exchange for animals and vice versa.


Finally, I shared the top 3 Farming Games in Metaverse that may show good growth in the future. Also using all these platforms you know how to make money in the metaverse by playing these farming games, Right?

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