Tron11 Business Plan Gaming Platform Scam?

Welcome Guys, Many people want to know about Tron11 Business Plan its single-leg income and compounding plan. In this article, I will share information about Tron11 and types of income, also whether Tron11 is a scam or not. So, before joining Tron11 and earning using this platform read the full business plan in this article.

In MLM many companies come and go but identifying which one is legit is a challenging task. So, What is Tron11, I will try to explain it in simple words.

tron business plan review
Tron11 Business Plan

What is Tron11?

Tron11 is a new decentralized platform for investing and trading Tron Tokens and it is built on Tron Network. In the Tron11 Project, users can invest TRX to get Return on Investment on daily basis. Building a team will improve your return and help you to earn extra rewards.

Tron11 Joining and Service

To Join the Tron11 Platform you will need a minimum of 100 TRX Tokens. You can also invest in an additional multiple of 100 TRX.

The service offered by Tron11 is trading and investment to get a return on daily basis.

Business Plan Types of Income

There are 3 types of income plan in the tron11 business plan.

  • Tron11 Income
  • Daily Level Income
  • Global Income

Tron11 Income

In the type user will invest there 100 TRX and get daily return on 11 days.

  • 1 Day return 2%
  • 2 Days Return 3%
  • 3 Days return 5%
  • 4 Days return 10%
  • 5 Days return 15%
  • 6 Days return 20%
  • 7 Days return 25%
  • 8 Days return 30%
  • 9 Days return35%
  • 10 Days return 40%
  • 11 Days return 45%

Daily Level Income

Daily Level Income is given based on team investment. At Level 1 you will get 10%, Level 2 get 5%, Level 3 get 3%, Level 4 get 2% and from level 5 to 11 get 1%.

Global Income

Global income is 1% income from a total of 8 levels of your team.

Joining Link & PDF

This post is old from Mar 2022 but as per the latest update company's website, is not working.


As per the latest update of Tron11, The Company has been closed. It is said to tell you the investor has lost all their money.

I would strongly suggest you do not take part in such type of small project.

In name of Tron, many companies may start to present lucrative income plans but don't blindly invest in such types of companies.

That's it in this article.

Let me know in the comment section to review any other company. You can also contact us for presenting your company plan on our website.

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