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Top 3 Screen Recording App For Android 2021

Top 3 Screen Recording App For Android 2021

    Hello, friends welcome once again to our blog. There is a lot of new beginner YouTuber who wants to make videos and upload them to YouTube, but for that, they need to record their mobile screen. Many times they download such screen recording applications which Shows more Ads and having low quality of the recording. Some Screen recording application is shows watermark of their company and asking money to remove these Ads. In today's post, I will share the top 3 most reliable and easy-to-use screen recorder. I will explain all features and its advantage.

DU recorder: 

 Du recorder is an android screen recorder application. It is one of the most reliable screen recorders and easy to use. There is a floating button in it, due to which you can pause and resume the recording. This application also provides you with some tools, due to which you can edit or merge any video. 

Feature of DU Recorder:
1. No WaterMark
2. Change resolution according to need
3. A clear voice Recorder
4. Set CountDown before start
5.Enable to Shake Phone to stop recording
6. Brush 
7. front Camera
8. Screenshot

Download Link: Download Xrecorder.


XRecoder Application is an android screen recorder application it is free and no screen recording time limit in it. XRecoder having a clean and friendly user interface. Xrecorder also boasts its thoroughly optimized capabilities, works perfectly on-screen, and doesn’t affect the player’s gaming experience. Its feature almost like DU Recorder.

1. Customize FPS
2. No WaterMark
3. Screenshot
4.  Change resolution according to need
5. No watermark

Download Link: Download XRecorder.

AZ Screen Recorder:

 Az screen recorder application is an android screen recorder application. It has a very simple interface and easy to use. This application gives a high-quality output. This application also provides of video editing tool.

1. No Root needed
2. No watermark
3.No Time limit
4. Screenshot

Download Link: Download AZrecorder.

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