Mobile Apps Categories Growing Quickly 2021

Mobile Apps Categories Growing Quickly 2021

Mobile Apps Categories Growing Quickly 2021 also kind of mobile apps that grows faster in 2021. In this amazing post, we will know what kind or Categories of apps that grow faster?, Mobile Apps users in this decade increased 4x times that before. So it is obvious for every mobile app developer must know some of the stats, key points, and rules to make their app amazing. 

The ultimate goal is to earn money from my hard work that was spent to make your apps. So before starting to make and decide to adds XYZ features, Read this small Article that will make you understand App Market Space in the future, especially for a beginner.

Detail about Mobile Apps Categories Growing Quickly 2020

Mobile Apps Categories Growing Quickly 2020
Mobile Apps Categories Growing Quickly 2020

1. Social Media Apps

Well, Again Social Media apps are top in Mobile Apps development with most downloaded apps in World, Why not? as this kind of apps are made for interacting with others. If apps have 
  • Better UI Design 
  • Engaging Features
  • Trending Topics
  • Rewards Features 
  • Self Marketing  - Sharing With Other Users
  • Updated Contents 
  • Ease to Use
  • Promotions 
  • Advertising ...
Many More you see in today's apps like after Whatsapp and Messenger newly arrived app in this list is TikTok with the growth of 70% in just 1-year record-making growth.

2. Mobile Commerce (mCommerce)

Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc has millions of download Mobile Shopping is growing around 68% faster. As 92% of the world is on the Internet and Online Payment integration made easy by Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm, Stripe Payment, Paypal and many more made development in mCommerce.

Bussiness get spread without any border limits so many stores prefer to have their own Shopping apps.

3. Gaming Apps and Music, Video Streaming

In coming next year it is estimated as 57% growth will be seen in Game Stimulating apps. Nowadays Mobile Gaming apps like PUBG, Call of Duty, etc also gain rise with upcoming 5G technologies. 

A developer can make apps that target Children, youngster and even Elder to make specific kinds of games. Arcade types of games are on top.

4. Educational Apps and Bussiness/Finance apps

Rise in Online Learning eLearning Websites made learning easier for everyone. Big Educational Sites also prefer to have their own secure apps to increase their scalability among Students.

Many Teaching Institute and Bussiness investing to make such kinds of Apps and spread globally and to have content for a long time.

5. News, Magazine, and Lifestyle

Even social media apps are used to spread the news and get valuable information about the world. So we can think that this kind of apps is used by many peoples. All Magazines can be found at one play so it makes user to easily access to their interest

Extra - 

UI Design Matters a Lot Due to Many Competion in Mobile App Development

    After a boost in UI and UX development, the most primary goal for every company is to make best User Interface. Why UI Design Matters a lot?, because in the future for Online Stores website will not be preferred rather than that Mobile Apps going to be primary support. We can say that along with E-commerce there are increasing demands in mCommerce according to stats by MindInventory and SensorTower. Example Mcommerce giants Amazon,eBay, Flipkart and more.